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Confined? CREATE!!!!!

Updated: Mar 22

As a multi-talented fashionishta, singer, actor, author, who's used to being out among the masses either entertaining or speaking, i was in panic mode when I knew I had to be confined due to the virus.

I finally began digesting the reality, and organizing files, wardrobe and other things that had been on a list for a long time. I found jewelry, clothing etc., that I hadn't seen in ages! I found a screenplay of my book which included many unmentioned episodes that could've been in my book, (does that mean a 2nd book?)...and volumes of poetry that I'd written over 20 years ago!!!

Then the A-HA moment came. It's time to create...to put all my artistic elements in order and make something of them. And that, my fellow fashionista's I have done.

  1. My closet is finally in somewhat order. I managed to give away or pack away things that I rarely wear.

  2. I began writing a poetry book, which I showed to a pianist, who turned EIGHT of my poems into songs, which i recently recorded.

  3. I am better at marketing my book, Wild Child To Couture Style, which is still selling well after two years.

  4. I've learned how to edit video, and put together a nice fashion reel on youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TSE9hP9CS0&feature=youtu.be

  5. I've added TV host to my resume. (See new runway model page on my site, interviewing the late Mary Wilson)

  6. MOST OF ALL, I'VE HAD TIME TO REALIZE MY ACCOMPLISHMENTS! I am busier now than before Covid hit! I h

I hope this has inspired you to take a closer look at yourself, get organized, create and get things DONE!!

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