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  • Shailah Edmonds

Confined? CREATE!!!!!

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

As a multi-talented fashionishta, singer, actor, author, who's used to being out among the masses either entertaining or speaking, i was in panic mode when I knew I had to be confined due to the virus.

I finally began digesting the reality, and organizing files, wardrobe and other things that had been on a list for a long time. I found jewelry, clothing etc., that I hadn't seen in ages! I found a screenplay of my book which included many unmentioned episodes that could've been in my book, (does that mean a 2nd book?)...and volumes of poetry that I'd written over 20 years ago!!!

Then the A-HA moment came. It's time to put all my artistic elements in order and make something of them. And that, my fellow fashionista's I have done.

  1. My closet is finally in somewhat order. I managed to give away or pack away things that I rarely wear.

  2. I began writing a poetry book, which I showed to a pianist, who turned EIGHT of my poems into songs, which i recently recorded.

  3. I am better at marketing my book, Wild Child To Couture Style, which is still selling well after two years.

  4. I've learned how to edit video, and put together a nice fashion reel on youtube.

  5. I've added TV host to my resume. (See new runway model page on my site, interviewing the late Mary Wilson)

  6. MOST OF ALL, I'VE HAD TIME TO REALIZE MY ACCOMPLISHMENTS! I am busier now than before Covid hit! I h

I hope this has inspired you to take a closer look at yourself, get organized, create and get things DONE!!

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