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  • Shailah Edmonds

Langston Hughes Literary Arts Festival

I will be doing an exiting, engaging book talk from my memoir WILD CHILD TO COUTURE STYLE, The Shailah Edmonds Story, THURSDAY, NOV. 4TH at 6PM EST.

This book is 1980's fashion history and entails what it took to become a top Black model when discrimination was at its high point. It is filled with jaw dropping experiences, which I will read an excerpt about, as well as inspiration, sacrifice, and the perseverance it took to make it to Couture, the highest level of modeling.

This will be a Facebook live event, and I will save the last half of the presentation for a Q&A session, where I can answer you live! Here is the link:

Hope you will join me! The book is available at several libraries, Amazon and for an autographed copy, my website.

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