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Shailah Edmonds: Moonlight Magic

Jazz lovers will appreciate the most recent release from Jazz singer - Shailah Edmonds. Released September 11th 2014, “Moonlight Magic,” has nine tracks of jazz classics such as “Blue Moon,” “Moondance,” “Since I fell For You,” and “It Don’t Mean A Thing,” among many other favorites. Musicians featured on the album are: Sharif Zaben on drums, Les Kurtz on piano, James Zollar and Benny Benak III on Trumpet, Paul Beaudry and Hillard Green on Bass and Michael Weisberger on sax. The album is a now available at all digital downloading online stores.


















Shailah claims to be energized and fascinated by the Moon. “The idea of the album was under the influence a full moon,” Shailah recalls and it seemed like every time she went into the studio to record, there was a full moon. The task of naming the album had a Moon story behind it too.

“The day before going to the studio to work on, ”It Don’t Mean A Thing,” my trumpet player called me and said he had a prior engagement so he couldn’t attend the session. I was going crazy because I needed a trumpet for the song, so I went out to an open mic to listen to some trumpet players to see who I can hire at the last minute, just then my keyboard player called me and said he was just in the subway and saw this trumpet player play a few bars and he was amazing and he gave me the number. I called this guy the same night and he was in the studio with us the next day. He turned out to be one of New York City’s most major trumpet players. Back to the night before the session when the keyboard player called me about the trumpet player I went out to look up in the sky to thank God for this trumpet player, the skies parted and a full moon showed through, that’s when I named the CD Moonlight Magic.” Shailah Edmonds (paraphrased)

Originally from Portland Oregon, Shailah knew at an early age she possessed the love and the talent for music. As a child she would write poetry to her dad, who woke up to a new poem under his pillow almost every morning. After writing poetry for some time Shailah started to hum melodies to her poetry, thus making her transition into a songwriter. She remembers begging her mother to send her to piano lessons but to no avail since her parents wasted money for lessons on her two older sisters. She resorted to going over to her friend who took piano lessons at the time, and learned everything her friend learned from the music teacher. One Sunday morning at Shailah’s church the regular musician didn’t show and to her family’s amazement, Shailah jumped at the opportunity to play for the service when a general call went out for a musician in the congregation. Shailah was 8 years old.

Shailah’s entry into the music industry began with co-writing a song for R&B/Soul legend - Betty Wright. She shared stage with the likes of Lionel Hampton, Fred Schneider, and Sydney Youngblood and toured with the Marvelettes.

Her influences are Ella Fitzgerald, Dinah Washington, Natalie Cole, Etta Jones and Billie Holiday.

Now based in New York, Shailah locally performs at various venues in the jazz circuit. To see her itinerary, visit her website -

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