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  • Shailah Edmonds

Hey! Lend me an Ear!!!

After doing a mini tour with my my memoir WILD CHILD TO COUTURE STYLE, and receiving many requests for an AUDIOBOOK, I decided to do it. After over 10 hours of recording, and editing, I finally did it! I never realized diction, commas and consonants were so important. Though not a professional speaker, I wanted to do it myself to give it the flavor it needed, and I'm so proud to add this to my legacy for my family's sake. It began selling a day after it was available!

For those of you who think a book is too cumbersome or are too busy to read a physical book, enjoy it while driving, cooking, or at any of your leisure time.

Planning to travel for the holidays? Put this in your notes as a great traveling companion!

Enjoyment guaranteed.


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