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Shailah's New Poetry Book!

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

During my confinement I took to my favorite pastime of writing. My second book in my "Wild" trilogy is now complete. WILD REFLECTIONS is now complete and available only via my website

It is a culmination of poems written during my wild years in the 1980's to present day. Many of them have been put to music, and I'm told I write like a singer. The book is divided into sections of all aspects of life to death. Poems of inspiration will encourage and uplift you, poems of reality will make you think, and humorous ones will make you smile.

Bound in spiral, so you can read it while eating or multitasking, or leave it open as a constant reminder of your favorite poem of the day.

If you have my CD "Music To The Rescue", the song lyrics are in this book and you can sing along having your own karoake party!

I hope you will order and enjoy. Here is a sample, just to remind you to keep it movin'

Peace and Blessings



Life is like a burning cigarette.

The more puffs you take,

The shorter it gets.

Ashes are friends you lose as you grow.

Body filters have collected dirt,

From unclean winds that blow.

But you’ve got to hurry

And make that million,

Hurry, and get that good, good feeling…

Before the fire goes out!

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