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Wild Child To Couture Style

       The Shailah Edmonds Story

Shailah tells her brave and sometimes hair raising journey from her home town of Portland Oregon, and how against all odds, went on to become a most sought after professional Couture model in Paris.

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Wild Child Review


Reviewer name

After seeing your interview on YouTube by Jon Haggins, I called Barnes and Nobleeand purchased your book. It is so enjoyable I'm reading it a second time! Your writing skills are exceptional, entertaining and enlightening. Will spread the word about your wonderful book. Love Rosella


Enjoying every page, you are truly amazing!

Love the way you told about all your many successes & adventures, with love, humor, & realistic approach. Always enjoyed our shows together, always a star. You are “The Best!” - LindaSue 

We here at Lucy Rouge Style love a good read about fashion and the couture world. So we are recommending this fabulous memoir entitled Wild Child to Couture Style that just launched on Amazon and If you love reading about the ins and outs of the fashion world, this story will have you crying, laughing and cheering all in one breath. -  Lucy Rouge Style

Can’t put it down, great family photos and writing. What a story! - C. Gamblin

Powerful story of Black  Woman's Rise in Fashion Modeling

I can't put this book down. Her story is riveting and amazing. Not only about fashion, but about human spirit. It's historical and tells about fashion as a business, the role of women of color, family and more. I love this book! - Barbara Calvano

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